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We Invest For Your Future

We Strive to Beat the Markets.

Who We Are

We are a firm concentrating on individualized investing and wealth management for Institutions, Foundations, Endowments, Trusts, High Net-Worth Families, and Businesses. Through our Clearing House, First Clearing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wells Fargo, our clients are insured through the FDIC and regulated by the SEC and FINRA.

Money Management

At D.T. Carson, we construct and manage security portfolios specializing in finding undervalued vehicles and special situations for both rapid and long-term growth, with an emphasis on individual equities. We use derivatives and alternatives to hedge and to leverage our positions.We excel in investment research, asset management, risk management, legacy transfers, and tax advantageous structures, with a particular focus on keeping fees as low as possible.


We utilize the best financial/investing resources available to make the best decisions possible for your portfolio. From our in-house quantitative analysis department to our relationships with the very best Sell-Side analysts, from around the world, along with our access to all of Wells Fargo's proprietary research, private banking, mortgage services, and estate and trust resources--we offer unparalleled financial advise and service.